Over 25 years of Industry experience in Design solutions and Turnkey Projects

HK Anand Designs is a full-service
Interior Design Consultancy firm, specializing in exclusive & luxurious interior design.
With an eye for the new, interesting & exciting,
our aim is to provide clients with
personalized & customized solutions.

Meet Harminder Anand

With 25 years of Industry experience in providing design solutions for Residences & Corporates within India and overseas, Harminder specializes in development of design details and off & on-site services.
She is known for her innovative designs and customised solutions for  
furniture & interior related Elements.

Turnkey Consultancy

These projects involve us working from a clean slate, from concept to execution.
We, at HK Anand Design, aim to ensure that you have a smooth and seamless
PROJECT MANAGEMENT. For this, we partner with the right VENDORS & SUPPLIERS,
that ensure execution is at par with the design.


RENOVATION AND REFURBISHMENT of existing homes is becoming more and
more important these days as SPACE AND RESOURCES are often limited,
especially in urban areas.

Interior Related Elements

Without accessories, your spaces, no matter how beautifully decorated or furnished,
will look and feel... unfinished. Think of accessories as the icing on a cake, offering
VISUAL INTEREST & DETAIL. If you select your accessories during the
DESIGN PROCESS, spaces will look finished & complete.

Furniture Design

Furniture, function, and space work together in interior design. Function defines SPACE,
and furniture brings FUNCTION TO SPACE. The importance of furniture in interior design

Share your project expectations

Having worked with design companies across India and abroad, Harminder Anand offers world class Design Solutions at unmatched prices and perfection. Book a hassle-free design consultation with her today.

Share your project expectations

I got my house renovated by harminder! Shes not only extremely detail oriented but gives personal attention to every problem that i faced, be it lighting solutions, ergonomic based challenges, fabric selection, furniture design, matching the old construction of the house with newer elements to make it look classy yet modern! I’m very happy!!! Thankyou harminder!

Ankush Duggal

Harminder has an excellent sense of designing spaces. Highly professional and personalized service. It was a pleasure working with her.

Garima Sharma

Amazing work, great designs.

Atisha Oberoi

Absolutely stunning designs!!

Rana Anand